welcome to the health partnership

Since the health partnership was formed in 2010 we have worked with a number of organistaions advising on strategic and financial matters, mentoring and assisting on projects. In so doing it has become evident that the last few years have proved to be extremely difficult. Problematic economic and market place conditions have increased the burden on CEO’s, Trustees, and management and it is all too easy to lose a sense of motivation, direction and clarity. However, it is exactly at these tough times that organisations need to ensure they are clearly focused on their future vision, that they can deliver positive outcomes for their stakeholders, maximize their potential and increase their influence and supporter base.

In 2012 the health partnership demonstrated its ability to support client senior management to confront its business objectives and deliver improved outcomes. With our flexible business model we enter 2013 confident we can respond to your requirements in a co-operative and cost effective way.